2023 Holiday Gift Guides: Gifts for the Military Buff

November 17, 2023

2023 Holiday Gift Guides: Gifts for the Military Buff

This Holiday season, pay tribute to those who have dutifully and bravely served our country in the Armed Forces. From original WWII recruitment posters and collectible autographs, signed memoirs to inspire and learn from, to cufflinks and original aircraft gauges, our list offers unique, one-of-a-kind options sure to wow and pay tribute to their service!

Every military buff loves a great map. A large military map of the United States, this map was first issued in 1861. This present example is the updated 1865 map, issued after the end of the Civil War. It is colored by state and includes the states that had previously succeeded from the Union, now once again part of the United States.
Admiral Halsey's Story” by William F. Halsey, Signed and Inscribed First Edition, 1947
This first edition autobiography is signed and inscribed by Admiral Halsey. Throughout the WWII, Halsey led carrier task forces on successful airstrikes, covered and supported land operations, virtually destroyed the Japanese naval fleet, and from May to September 1945 led forces in final naval operations in Okinawa. In this autobiography, Admiral Halsey takes the reader through his own intimate account of the Pacific War. The book would make a perfect gift for any Navy man or WWII history buff. 
Military Branch Cufflinks
These military branch cufflinks are the perfect accessory to pay tribute to those in military service. Our collection is made for each branch of the United States Armed Forces. The round cufflink design features the official color logo for each branch.  Choose between the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force, or the newly created Space Force logo.
Memoirs of General William T. Sherman, First Edition, Two-Volume Set, 1875
With time spent in the south and new western frontier, Sherman witnessed and participated in events of early nineteenth-century America: the Mexican War, the gold rush, the banking panics, and the battles with the Plains Indians. Yet it wasn’t until his victory at Shiloh, in 1862, that Sherman assumed his legendary place in American history. After Shiloh, Sherman sacked Atlanta and proceeded to burn a trail of destruction that split the Confederacy and ended the war. His strategy forever changed the nature of warfare and earned him eternal infamy throughout the South. Sherman’s Memoirs became one of the best-known, first-hand accounts of the Civil War.
Vintage Civil War Era Field Glasses by Queen & Co.
Consider gifting an original pair of Civil War-era field glasses. A Civil War officer or soldier would have used binoculars like these to sight locations and keep track of troop movements during battle. When not in use, they would have carried the glasses in the hard leather case. These glasses, an intricate example of brass and glass technology, were made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by the company Queen & Co.
“The Second World War” by Winston Churchill, First Edition, Six Volume Set, 1948-1954
The Second World War is a definitive history of the period from the end of the first World War to July 1945 and was largely responsible for Churchill being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953. Churchill wrote the book, with a team of assistants, using both his own notes and privileged access to official documents while still working as a politician. Churchill was largely fair in his treatment, but wrote the history from his personal point of view. This is a fascinating read and a perfect gift for any WWII history buff!
WWII Double Fighter Cockpit Gauges
Presented are a set of two vintage WWII fighter plane cockpit instrument gauges. The gauges, which indicate oil temperature, were essential for maintaining control of the plane and managing engine performance during missions. The original war-dated gauges come presented on a custom stand, for proud display on a bookcase or home office.
This is a large, handsome engraving entitled Washington and His Generals by Alexander H. Ritchie, one of the best historical printmakers of the mid-nineteenth century. The scene depicted is a historic re-creation of Washington’s farewell to his generals at Fraunces Tavern, in New York City. General Washington stands at the center of the congratulatory meeting, his noble pose accentuated by the sun streaming in from a window. A classic historical scene, perfect on any wall! 
"Attack Attack Attack. Buy War Bonds" Vintage WWII Poster by Ferdinand Warren, 1942
A dynamic WWII War bonds poster by Ferdinand Warren, the poster encourages onlookers to give needed financial backing for their country and military. The propaganda poster was issued by the U.S. Government Printing Office in 1942. It features a patriotic image of soldiers during a beach landing while a swarm of fighter planes amass above them. The text  "Attack Attack Attack” and “Buy War Bonds" is printed at top and bottom in large white letters. 
Vintage Sensenich Wooden Propeller, Circa 1945
Sure to wow any recipient, this is a beautiful wooden Sensenich propeller, dating to 1945. Given its construction and designation, it is likely this propeller was flown at the very end of WWII. In 1941, Sensenich built a large modern plant in Pennsylvania to support full-scale war production.Throughout the span of World War II, they employed 400 people and crafted more than 5,000 propellers a week! Measuring 39 1/2 inches in width, this propeller would look so cool mounted on a wall in a game room or displayed in an office. 

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