"Wounded to the Rear. One More Shot" Civil War Plaster Sculpture by John Rogers

Presented is an original plaster sculpture by artist John Rogers. The statue features two Civil War Union soldiers side by side who have been wounded. The soldiers in the scene have been ordered to the rear during the battle, but the soldier on the ground is in the middle of taking out a cartridge to load up his gun. Even as wounded soldiers, they display the courage to attempt one last shot.

Rogers displays his masterful craftsmanship in this sculpture pair. The soldiers' uniforms and facial features are full of detail. Rogers, as an artist, made his money by producing averagely- priced statues. In contrast to his predecessors, Rogers utilized plaster rather than bronze to create affordable yet exquisite sculptures for middle-class Americans. Rogers produced multiple copies of "One More Shot," which first went on sale in November of 1864. These became exceedingly popular, especially among war veterans and families affected by the war.


Overall very good condition considering age. Some chips and scratches are visible. There are a few chunks chipped off from the bottom of the base. Written at the back is "Patented Jan. 17, 1865" with title information "Wounded to the Rear. One More Shot." in the front of the base.

Dimensions: 24" H x 12" W x 10" D.

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