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Vintage U.S. Navy Cased Gimballed Compass, Circa 1943

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Presented is a WWII dated U.S. Navy gimballed compass from 1943. The brass compass is beautifully constructed and fitted in a wooden lidded box with buckle. The compass is mounted on a 360-degree brass gimbal ring system. The gimbal ring design allows the compass to remain level regardless of the angle of the base or how much the ship may have pitched or rolled on the open waters. The compass card is black and white with a fleur-de-lis at point 0. The compass is engraved on the black rim with the following: “U.S. NAVY,”  “B.U. SHIPS,”  “NO. 3 2697-1943”  and indicates that it was made by “BECK-LEE Corp.” Beck-Lee Corporation was based in Chicago, Illinois and created scientific and technical instruments throughout the 20th century. 


Good condition overall, considering age and past use. Gimballed compass, with black and white compass card. Some cloudiness to glass, debris and scratches and rim. Black engraved rim: “U.S. NAVY,”  “B.U. SHIPS,”  “NO. 3 2697-1943” and “BECK-LEE Corp.” Rim is missing one screw. Housed in a birch box with leather belt and buckle. Belt with wear. Light tarnish to buckle. Scratches to birch box. Case Dimension:  8" H x 11" W x 8 1/2" D.

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Vintage U.S. Navy Cased Gimballed Compass, Circa 1943

Vintage U.S. Navy Cased Gimballed Compass, Circa 1943


Pickup currently unavailable

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