USAF WWII Poster Cufflinks

Presented are US Air Force WWII poster cufflinks. These square cufflinks were made using imagery from an original WWII poster, published in-between 1941-1945.

The original poster depicts a pilot stepping out of his plane's cockpit, with fighter jets in the air behind him. The poster was printed with the phrase "You Give Us The 'Fire', We'll Give 'Em Hell! Let's Go- Everybody-Keep 'Em Firing!" It urged the American populace to keep supporting the war effort, through the purchase of War Loans and Bonds, the conservation of materials, and the quick production of planes and artillery. 

These striking USAF WWII poster cufflinks are the perfect patriotic accessory.

Available in a square format. Cufflink set is silver-plated. Presented in a Great Republic cufflink gift box.

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