The All-American Boys, Signed by Walter Cunningham, First Updated Paperback Edition, 2004

Cunningham, Walter. The All-American Boys. New York: ibooks, Inc., 2004. First updated trade paperback edition. Octavo. Softcover. Signed by Walter Cunningham on the full title page. 

This is the first trade paperback edition of the updated version of The All-American Boys, Walter Cunningham's candid look at America's space program. First published in 1977, this updated trade paperback printing was published by ibooks, Inc. in New York in September of 2004. The book is signed on the full title page, “Walt Cunningham, Apollo 7” in black ink.

The All-American Boys is a no-holds-barred candid memoir by the former Marine jet pilot and physicist, who became NASA's second civilian astronaut. From its insider's view of the pervasive "astropolitics" that guided the functioning of the astronaut corps, to its thoughtful discussion of the Shuttle Columbia tragedy, The All-American Boys resonates with Cunningham's passion for space travel and exploration. Cunningham brings readers into NASA's training program and reveals what it takes to be an astronaut. He poignantly relates the story of the devastating Apollo 1 fire that took the lives of three astronauts, and his own later successful flight on Apollo 7.

This new revised edition includes an update of the manned space program and Cunningham’s “tell it like it is” observation of NASA’s successes and failures. He ends the book with his ideas about how NASA should be moving forward to regain public support. 


Good condition overall. Softcover paperback. Small scratch to front cover, at bottom. Signed “ Walt Cunningham Apollo 7” on the full title page in black felt-tipped ink. Signature is bold, large, and legible. Clean and healthy interior pages. 488 pp. Book dimensions: 9 3/16” H x 6 ⅛” W x 1 ¼” D.

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