TGR Handcrafted Humidor with George Washington's 1789 Inaugural Seal

A handsome handcrafted cigar humidor, made from “rift sawn” white oak. This humidor is an exclusive product to The Great Republic, created in a limited edition of only 25. The lid of this distinctive humidor is hand-stamped with a seal of George Washington’s 1789 Inaugural button.

George Washington’s 1789 inauguration drew large crowds. Buttons and memorabilia stamped with Washington’s name, the National seal, and symbolic imagery, such as the one depicted on this lid, were sold to a public eager to have a commemorative item to remember and celebrate the new beginning of their nascent nation. This Inaugural button depicts a proud heraldic bald eagle with its wing’s outstretched. In the eagle’s left talon is the small bundle of three arrows, an indication of the strength and power of this newly unified nation. Its right talon clutches an olive branch, a universal symbol of peace. Above the eagle’s head shines a sun with a large number of rays shining brightly, to symbolize a new dawn or beginning for America as a country. Over the eagle’s chest is an escutcheon with seven horizontal stipples and thirteen vertical stripes. Encircling the eagle is the text “March the fourth 1789 memorable era.” March 4, 1789 was the start date for the first presidential term.

This humidor uses a patented moisturizing system, designed to provide the ideal environment for storing cigars. Cigars need to be maintained in an environment of controlled humidity and temperature similar to the countries to where the tobacco is grown, to mature properly and allow the cigar to burn cool and produce a pleasant aroma and flavor. This can only be done with the use of a quality cigar humidor, crafted with a tight seal and proper hygrometer.

This humidor is beautifully hand constructed of “rift sawn” white oak. White oak is native to the eastern U.S., south to Florida and the Gulf states. It is the state tree of Maryland and Connecticut and is the tree that has produces the finest oak lumber and veneers since the late 1700s. Thus it has significant reputation in historical furniture and millwork. Oak’s heartwood is light tan in color and is one of the heaviest, strongest, and hardest of the oaks. It finishes to a soft luster. Many trees are “rift sawn” to obtain fine curved rays that traverse the grain. 

Handcrafted in Pennsylvania, USA

Dimensions: 6" H x 15" W x 10" D.

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