"Take Part of your change in War Savings Stamps" Vintage WWII Poster, 1942

Presented is a vintage WWII poster, encouraging the purchase of War Savings Stamps. The poster was published by the U.S. Government Printing Office in 1942. The poster depicts a woman at a cash register, handing our a stamp. Her register has a small War Savings Stamps loan poster attached to it.  Below the woman is the text "TAKE PART of your change in WAR SAVINGS STAMPS" in blue and red block letters. 

During WWII, the government received funding directly from United States citizens in the form of war saving bonds and stamps, which were paid back later with interest. Purchasing war bonds was viewed as a way for American citizens to support the war effort. Traditionally, large dollar bond amounts, ranging from $50 to $1000, were purchased for bonds. However, in the 1940’s, the average American did not have extra money to purchase these large bond amounts. In response, War Savings Stamps were created by the United States Post Office. 

These postal stamps were in smaller denominations, starting at 10 and 25 cents, ranging up to $1 and $5, and could be collected in a war bond stamp book. The stamps earned no interest, but were used to eventually redeem a Series E War Bond. Once a person collected enough stamps they could purchase a larger war bond of $25, $50, or $100.


Overall good condition. Very colorful poster. Horizontal and vertical fold lines and creasing, from past storage. Light toning. "U.S. Government Printing Office: 1942-O-458165 Form DSS 385” at bottom left margin. Sold unframed, as-is. Unframed dimensions: 20" H x 20" W.

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