Star Stamped Leather Wrapped Decanter

Introducing our Star Stamped Leather Wrapped Decanter, designed exclusively for the Great Republic. The decanter is crafted with an English Saddle full-grain leather sleeve, wrapping a 750 ml full-bodied glass bottle. Pairing a classic decanter design with incredibly durable leather, you'll be proud to put our Star Stamped Leather Wrapped Decanter on your bar. 

The decanter’s leather wrap allows the grip needed for the perfect Kentucky size pour and is finished with steadfast stitching, built for a lifetime of service guaranteed. The decanter itself is 750 ml of full-bodied, break-resistant glass. It is finished with a sturdy synthetic cork for an airtight seal and a weighted solid-brass cap.

The detailed knurling of the solid-brass cap offers a unique, yet highly functional component to the decanter - built for easy grip to open and close. Not only is the cap a statement piece, but also an essential part of the decanter, sealing your bourbon to preserve the taste and color.  

To make sure you leave no spirits behind, each decanter includes a solid-brass funnel for a mess-free pour every time.

A decanter is more than just a vessel for your favorite bourbon - it's a statement piece that sets the tone for your entire home bar.

Proudly handcrafted for The Great Republic by Clayton & Crume in Louisville, Kentucky.

Dimensions: 7 7/8" H x  4" D, 750ml 

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