"Snakebite" Keychain Leather Bottle Opener

A necessity to any key chain, let the snakebite bottle opener be your-go bottle opener at any BBQ, party, or home bar.

Versatile and functional, the snakebite keychain can open bottles and is sheathed in six oz. of American made leather. The industrial design also lets you tap a hole into the top of any beer can for a smoother pour and flow. Eliminate that "glug-glug-glug" sound when pouring something from a can if it isn't vented. Venting also eliminates a significant amount of air you ingest while drinking straight from a can. This greatly improves drinkability, comfort, and overall experience. 

Etched into the leather is our "The Great Republic" logo.

302 stainless steel
6oz vegetable tanned brown domestic leather
Military grade kydex holster eyelets

Dimensions - 3" H (5.5" open) x .50" W x .35" D 

Handcrafted in Missouri, USA