"Serve with Women's Reserve U.S. Coast Guard. SPARS" Vintage WWII Recruitment Poster by Jo Valentine

Presented is an original WWII Coast Guard recruitment poster by artist Jo Valentine.  The recruitment poster depicts a saluting woman in uniform, in front of a naval ship out on the open waters. This composition is imposed over imagery of a pioneer woman with a rifle defending her Conestoga wagon. The poster text reads, “Serve With Women’s Reserve- U.S. Coast Guard” in white block letters, just above a large “SPARS” in red script. At bottom, the poster urges women to apply, at the nearest Office of Naval Officer Procurement.  

Congress created the United States Coast Guard Women's Reserve during World War II. The act was signed into law by President Roosevelt on November 23, 1942, with the goal of releasing male officers and enlisted men for sea duty and replacing them with Women’s Reserve members at shore stations. 

The Coast Guard Women’s Reserve more more commonly known as SPARS, an acronym for the Coast Guard motto “Semper Paratus—Always Ready.”After several weeks of training, women in SPARS took on jobs as officers, seamen, clerical workers, logistics specialists, photographers, parachute riggers, air traffic controllers, and radio operators. Like their counterparts in other branches of the military, the 10,000 women who served as SPARS benefited from new opportunities in the workplace, all while they faced prejudices, challenges, and obstacles as they broke barriers for women in the United States military service. 


Good condition. Original color lithograph. Prominent center fold line due to past storage, light creasing to top right corner. “Litho in USA"  is printed in the bottom right margin. "41-43" is printed at the bottom left margin. Poster Dimensions: 42"H x 28" W  (Sheet size).  Sold unframed, as-is.

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