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Roosevelt Bull Moose Campaign Cufflinks

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Presented are rounded cufflinks, with imagery from Progressive candidate Theodore Roosevelt's 1912 presidential campaign. The campaign art featured the Progressive Party's bull moose mascot encircled with the words "Roosevelt," against a bold yellow background.

In August of 1912, Theodore Roosevelt was nominated for the presidency by the Progressive Party, a group of Republicans dissatisfied with the renomination of President William Howard Taft. Roosevelt embarked on a vigorous campaign as the party’s presidential candidate promoting his “Square Deal” platform. 

On October 12, 1912, right before a campaign speech in Milwaukee, Roosevelt was shot  by John Flammang Schrank. Roosevelt, who suffered only a small wound from the attack, went on to deliver his scheduled speech, declaring, “You see, it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose!” 

These vintage-styled cufflinks are a fun example of the quippy, catchy, and unique slogans used in presidential campaign races. They would make a great gift for the politically-minded or those interested in American history. 

Available in a circle format. Cufflink set is silver-plated. Presented in a Great Republic cufflink gift box.

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Roosevelt Bull Moose Campaign Cufflinks - The Great Republic

Roosevelt Bull Moose Campaign Cufflinks


Pickup currently unavailable

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