Patriotic 48-Star American Flag Folding Fan

Presented is a printed folding fan featuring the American Flag, which dates to the early 20th century. With 48 printed stars on the fan’s canton, the fan celebrates New Mexico and Arizona statehood. The fan’s design is completed with 13 alternating red and white stripes across its white sticks and guard. 

The 48-star flag had a fly date of 47 years, from July 4, 1912 to July 3, 1958. Prior to the introduction of the 48-star flag with the admission of New Mexico and Arizona  to the Union in 1912, no legislation existed regarding the official proportions, sizes, and pattern for stars on the American flag. As a result, many Americans designed the starry canton of their homemade flags to their own whim, in medallion, spiral, and flower star configurations. Coinciding with the introduction of the 48 star flag in 1912, President William Howard Taft passed Executive Order #1637 on June 24, 1912. The order established the official proportions of the flag and the arrangement of the stars, being six horizontal rows of eight, with each star pointing upward, as seen on this patriotic fan.


Very good condition overall. Paper is intact and color is vibrant. Printed folding fan featuring 48-star American flag, with white sticks and guard. White Guard has a green floral design printed on the outside. Blank on back- one sided fan. Fan Dimensions: 4 3/4"H x 15 11/16" W (leaves), 8 9/16"H guard. 

Fan is presented mounted, in an archival shadowbox in a custom-built black wooden frame. An engraved silver plaque is mounted in the frame.

Framed Dimensions: 17" H x 22.5" W x 2.5" D

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