Mammoth Tusk Salad Servers

Presented are stunning salad servers, featuring real mammoth tusk inlaid on the handles. Functional, beautiful and of the highest quality, these servers look like art on the table. Whether gifted or purchasing for yourself, these servers are a future heirloom to be appreciated for years to come.

Raffir Mammoth Fusion is made of real mammoth tusk fragments dating back to the last ice age (10,000-40,000 BP). Santa Fe Stoneworks has developed a unique high-pressure treatment to stabilize and fuse these fragments into solid blocks. The result is a beautiful and hard composite that is densely packed with mammoth ivory, in varying tones of blue, white, and black.

Mammoth fossils are 150,000 year old natural materials, so the patterns and colors vary, depending on each specimen. As such, no two fossils are the same, and no two server sets will be the same! These photos are representations of the material, but the actual products will vary in color and patterns.

  • Fork and spoon set
  • Stainless steel and raffir mammoth fusion inlay
  • Single sided inlay
  • Comes packaged in black soft wrap with ribbon tie

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