Harvard Radios vs. Princeton Aviators Vintage War Effort Football Poster, Circa 1918

This is a very scarce WWI Work Relief Fund poster featuring the Harvard Radios competing against the Princeton Aviators. The game, held on November 23, 1918, was a benefit football game to raise money for the war effort.

The poster dynamically depicts two football players mid-action. Below, the names of the teams are printed in yellow, with the date, location of the game, and ticket information printed in contrasting white.  The United War Work Campaign’s logo is printed at bottom center. The logo is composed of a black star and the number 7, with the text “United War Work Campaign” encircling the star in a yellow ring. The poster was illustrated by the artist J. Liello. His signature is printed in stone, visible on the left side of the composition.

The following was written about the match in the November 23, 1918 issue of The New York Times: “Today marks the climax of the most irregular football season the gridiron sport has ever known… Here in New York there will be an unusually attractive football bill. First of all the war fund benefit at the Polo Grounds will probably attract the greatest attention, for it will bring together service elevens from Harvard and Princeton. The Harvard Radio School will play the Aviation School eleven from Old Nassau, and as both of these teams have already proved their worth, an exciting struggle is expected.” The Harvard team, composed of both Harvard and Boston College students making up the Radio School, were victorious over the Princeton Aviators 28-0.


This poster is in good condition. The paper is healthy and the printed colors are still vibrant. The poster is artfully presented using the finest archival materials and procedures. The poster is framed with a red top mat and a rich leather-wrapped frame. Unframed Size: 25.5"x 17". Framed dimensions: 31 1/2" H x 23 1/4" W x 1" D.

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