Florida Cormorant Amsterdam Audubon Edition

This is a stunning color lithograph of the “Florida Cormorant”, Plate 252 from the 1971-1972 “Amsterdam Audubon” edition of James John Audubon’s epic ornithological masterpiece, “The Birds of America."

In October 1971, employing the most faithful printing method available, the best materials and the ablest craftsmen of their age, the Amsterdam firm of Theatrum Orbis Terrarum Ltd. set out to produce the finest possible limited edition facsimile of the greatest bird book ever printed: the Havell edition of John James Audubon's well-loved "Birds of America".

The Curators of the Teyler's Museum in Haarlem, Holland made their copy of the original work available for use as a model. The Museum, founded in 1778, purchased their copy through Audubon's son as part of the original subscription in 1839. After long deliberation, the extremely complex but highly accurate process of color photolithography was chosen as the appropriate printing method. The best exponents of this art was the Dutch printing firm of NV Fotolitho Inrichting Drommel at Zandvoort who were willing to undertake the task of printing each plate in up to eight different colors.

The original Havell edition was published on hand-made rag paper and the publishers were determined that the paper of their edition should match the original. Unhappy with the commercially available papers, they turned to the traditional paper manufacturers G. Schut & Zonen (founded in 1625), who, using 100% unbleached cotton rags, were able to produce a wove paper of the highest quality, with each sheet bearing a watermark unique to the edition: G. Schut & Zonen [JR monogram] Audubon [OT monogram].

The publishers and their dedicated team completed their task late in 1972 and the results of these labors were affectionately known as the "Amsterdam Audubon" edition. 250 copies were published and sold by subscription, with the plates available bound or unbound. Given all this careful preparation, it is not surprising that the prints have the look and feel of the original Havell edition.

"The Birds of America" is the single greatest ornithological work ever produced and is the realization of Audubon's dream of traveling throughout the United States recording, in its natural size and habitat, every native bird then known. The 435 double-elephant folio sized plates, printed by the Havells of London, depict some 1,065 different species, the majority drawn from specimens that Audubon himself had captured.


Very good condition and color. Printed on 100% unbleached cotton rag paper, watermarked, as issued. No tears or marks visible. Print Dimensions:  26 1/2 H x 39 1/4 W.

This print has been archivally framed in a custom-built black wooden frame with acid-free backing paper and UV glass. Framed Dimensions: 29”H x 35”W x1 1/4”D. 

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