Dinosaur Bone 3" Damascus Steel Single Sided Lockback Pocket Knife

This is a Dinosaur Bone Jewelry Collection 3" Damascus Lockback Knife. The insets in the knife's single-sided handle are actually sections of petrified dinosaur bone. The bone is from a sauropod (brontosaurus) that lived over 150 million years ago. Coming from Moab, Utah, the sauropod bone colors vary dramatically, from red to brown, black, white, and yellow, all depending on the minerals surrounding the bone as it became petrified. As such, no two knives will be the same. 

The blade has a core steel of VG-10 with 16 layers on either side of 440 Stainless steel, to make a 33 layered stainless Damascus blade.

These 3" closed lockback knife has a 2 1/4" blade. The knife is single sided, with inlay on only one side of the handle. 

Made in the U.S.A.