Colorado Flag Cufflinks

Presented are squared Colorado Flag cufflinks. The cufflink design features a red mountains, outlined in white, with a navy sky and a yellow sun. This design is inspired by the flag of Colorado, rather than an exact match of the flag's official design. 

The official state flag of Colorado was designed by Andrew Carlisle Carson and  adopted on June 5, 1911. It consists of a design of three horizontal stripes, with the top and bottom stripes colored navy, and the middle stripe colored white. A circular red "C", filled with a golden disk, sits atop the stripes. Symbolically, the navy is meant to represent the sky, the gold represents the sunshine the state receives, the white represents the snowcapped Rocky Mountains, and the red represents the tint of the mineral-rich earth. The gold and white portions of the flag also represent the state's gold and silver mining industries, which account for so much of the state's early population boom. 

These vintage-styled cufflinks are a fun example of the artistry of early flag design. They would make a great gift for those who live in or visit Colorado or those interested in American history. 

Available in a square format. Cufflink set is silver-plated. Presented in a Great Republic cufflink gift box.

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