Betsy Ross Flag Cufflinks

Presented is a set of Betsy Ross flag cufflinks, a perfect patriotic accessory. This oval design boasts a ring of 13 stars in a dark blue canton, with alternating red and white stripes. 

Although seamstress Betsy Ross is often credited as the maker of the first American flag, there is no evidence that the story is true. The myth was born during a wave of flag fervor that swept the nation nearly a hundred years after the Revolutionary War. In 1870, Ross' grandson, William Canby, told the Historical Society of Pennsylvania that his grandmother made the flag at George Washington’s behest. The myth continued thanks to an 1893 oil painting of Betsy Ross sitting in her Philadelphia parlor with the American on the flag in her lap. The painting was created by Charles H. Weisgerber, an artist and entrepreneur who profited from the Betsy Ross legend.

Regardless of the veracity of its story, the "Betsy Ross" flag design is attractive and the story is a fun part of the mythology surrounding our early Stars and Stripes. 

Available in oval format. Cufflink set is silver-plated. Presented in a Great Republic cufflink gift box.

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