"Another Call. 'More Men and Still More Until the Enemy is Crushed'" Vintage British WWI Poster, Circa 1914

Presented is a WWI British recruitment poster, published in London, 1914 by the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee. The poster features a soldier blowing a bugle with a call to arms for men to enlist. The poster text reads, “Another Call. 'More Men and Still More Until the Enemy is Crushed.' Lord Kitchener.”

This was the twenty-first poster published by the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, printed by Hill, Siffken & Co., Grafton Works, Holloway, London. This poster design draws upon a slightly earlier poster that shows the same bugler calling people to "Fall In". The poster was designed by British illustrator E.J. Kealey.

In the summer of 1914, UK Prime Minister H. H. Asquith appointed Lord Kitchener as Secretary of State for War. Kitchener was given the task of recruiting a large army to fight Germany. Unlike many of his cabinet contemporaries who expected a short conflict, Kitchener correctly predicted a long war that would last at least three years, require huge new armies to defeat Germany, and cause massive casualties before the end would come. Kitchener stated that the conflict would plumb the depths of manpower "to the last million".

At the outbreak of war, the British regular army numbered only 247,432 serving officers and other ranks, with a meager six infantry divisions, one cavalry division, and four divisions overseas. Kitchener wanted to grow the army to 70 divisions, to match the size of the French and German armies. Because conscription was not initiated until 1916, the UK relied solely upon volunteers for military service. Kitchener  and the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee began a massive recruitment campaign, which relied heavily on the production of distinctive and persuasive posters urging men to enlist and serve their country.

An article from The Times in London, published January 3, 1915, discussed just how omnipresent the recruitment posters were throughout London.  "Posters appealing to recruits are to be seen on every hoarding, in most windows, in omnibuses, tramcars and commercial vans. The great base of Nelson's Column is covered with them. Their number and variety are remarkable.”


In very good condition. Original color lithograph. Colors are bright and vibrant. Signed is stone “E/K” for E.J. Kealey. Paper is healthy. Borders trimmed to image. Publication and print line still intact at the bottom. Printed by Hill, Siffken & Co. (L.P.A. Ltd.), Grafton Works, Holloway, London, N. 1914. 

This poster is coated. In the 1920's, in preparation for various public exhibitions, a portion of the posters in this collection were protected with a clear coating. Unlike varnish applied by some collectors many decades ago, the coating used on this poster remains clear and flexible.

Poster has been previously linen backed, for added stability. Two grommets for hanging display attached at top. Presented unframed. Unframed Dimensions: 28 1/2" H x 20" W.

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