1856 "U.S. Coast Survey Map of Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay" by A. D. Bache.

Presented is U.S. Coast Survey nautical chart or maritime map of Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay from 1856. The map depicts the region from Susquehanna, Maryland to the northern Outer Banks in North Carolina. It also shows from Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia to the Atlantic Ocean. The map is highly detailed with many cities and towns labeled throughout. Rivers, inlets, and bays are also labeled. Various charts illustrating more specific parts of the region are marked on the map using dotted lines. The lines form boxes, and the corresponding chart number and publication date are given. Extensive triangulation surveys were conducted the length of Chesapeake Bay and are illustrated here. Hampton Roads, Virginia is labeled, along with the James, York, and Rappahannock Rivers, which were all extensively surveyed.

The chart was published under the supervision of A. D. Bache, one of the most influential and prolific figures in the early history of the U.S. Coast Survey, for the 1856 Report of the Superintendent of the U.S. Coast Survey. Alexander Dallas Bache (1806-1867) was an American physicist, scientist, and surveyor. Bache served as the Superintendent of the U.S. Coast Survey from 1843 to 1865. Born in Philadelphia, Bache toured Europe and composed an important treatise on European Education. He also served as president of Philadelphia's Central High School and was a professor of natural history and chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania. Upon the death of Ferdinand Rudolph Hassler, Bache was appointed Superintendent of the United States Coast Survey.

The Office of the Coast Survey, founded in 1807 by President Thomas Jefferson and Secretary of Commerce Albert Gallatin, is the oldest scientific organization in the U.S. Federal Government. Jefferson created the "Survey of the Coast," as it was then called, in response to a need for accurate navigational charts of the new nation's coasts and harbors. Today, the Coast Survey is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA as the National Geodetic Survey.


Very good. Backed on archival tissue for stability. Light wear along original fold lines. Blank on verso. Framed according to the highest conservation standards in an antiqued silver frame with UV glass. Framed Dimensions: 39 3/4" H x 28" W x 1" D.

Accompanied by our company's letter of authenticity.

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