1845 Ensign's Travellers' Guide and Map of the United States, Hand-Colored Wall Map

This is an exquisite and dramatic steel-engraved wall map of the United States, published by T. & E. H. Ensign in 1845. The map depicts the development and settlement of the United States, from the Atlantic, west to the Rio Grande. Most notably, this map includes the state of Texas, which was annexed to the United States in 1845. The map indicates principal cities, roads, steamboat and canal routes, and early railroads, as well as identifies several Native American settlements and U.S. military forts.

Below the beautifully engraved title are thirteen inset maps, showing the vicinities of New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, New Orleans, Mobile, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Charleston, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Detroit, as well as Washington, DC. This highly decorative and informative map also includes comparative charts of the chief rivers and principal mountains, inset with a map of the world in hemispheres.

A copy of the text of the Declaration of Independence with facsimile signatures is included- a wonderful nod to the principal text of our nation. At bottom are portraits of eleven of the early U.S. Presidents. A large illustration of “The Signing of the Declaration of Independence” is topped with smaller engravings of “The Landing of the Pilgrims on December 22, 1620,” “The Battle of Lexington, April 19th 1775,” “The Battle of Bunkers Hill, June 17, 1775,” and “Washington's Farewell to his army, December 4, 1783.”

T & E. H. Ensign published throughout much of the nineteenth century, issuing maps like the one shown, usually in conjunction with others, including Phelps, Thayer, Bridgman and Fanning. Ensign would issue “The Traveller’s Guide” in both pocket book form and wall map form, this being a beautiful example of the latter. 


This impression is still on its original wooden rods, and has been archivally framed to conservation standards. The map hangs on a linen mat in a custom black and gold frame. A descriptor plaque is included at bottom center.  Framed dimensions: 41.5” H x 52.5” W x 4” D.

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