13-Star Patriotic Sash by Louis E. Stilz & Bros., Early 20th Century

Presented is an original patriotic sash from the early 20th century, featuring 13 stars against a bright blue field. This sash features affixed silver sequin stars on a blue canton, red and white stripes, a round banner button, and marking on interior that reads: "Louis E. Stilz & Brothers, Philadelphia."

Patriotic or baldric sashes were frequently produced in the late 19th through early 20th centuries. Political candidates, as well as elected officials, often sported the hand-made sash during campaign events or significant patriotic celebrations.

While such political baldric sashes were common at the turn of the century, the use of a baldric sashes dates back to ancient Roman times. The baldric sash was originally used to carry weapons, such as swords, and later, bayonets. They have also been used to support the weight of a battle drum or similar instrument. While political candidates of the 20th century did not have a similar need for the baldric sash, they often sported the sash as a special tribute to its storied and military past.


Overall good condition, considering age and past use. Affixed sequin silver stars on a blue canton, with red and white stripes. Ends are brought together at the bottom by a round banner button. Colors are slightly faded, particularly the red, with some light surface wear and piling. No visible tears or rips to fabric. Framed according to conservation standards in a custom black shadowbox frame.

Framed Dimensions: 47" H x 17" W x 2" D

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