November Staff Picks!

November 04, 2020

November Staff Picks!

Our November Catalog is chock-full of incredible patriotic and presidential memorabilia. From original presidential signatures to authentic campaign materials, these items are pieces of history.

This month, our staff members chose their favorite pieces that celebrate American democracy. Read more about these pieces, below.


Theodore Roosevelt and Charles Fairbanks Political Campaign Bandana, 1904


Chosen by: Katie Ibraliu, Marketing Manager

“This incredible, original bandana was produced for Theodore Roosevelt’s 1904 campaign. Roosevelt and his running mate Charles Fairbanks appear here surrounded by red, white and blue banners and a wingspread eagle. Bandanas such as this one would have been used by supporters to show enthusiasm for candidates. Followers of the campaign would have worn the bandanas to special gatherings like Sunday church, or would wave them in the air during rallies and parades.”

13-Star Patriotic Sash by Louis e. Stilz & Bros., Early 20th Century


Chosen by: Kelly Makee, Sales Associate

"This patriotic sash is a reminder of a lost tradition, but it is just as eye-catching and dignified as the first day it was worn. The use of sashes as a status symbol has been in use throughout the U.S. and Europe since ancient Roman times, and is still recognized today. Politicians may not wear sashes at campaign events or ceremonies anymore, but it isn't difficult to imagine some of our favorite presidents, governors, and politicians from the early 20th century sporting this hand-made red, white, and blue sash with 13 dazzling stars."



The Ordeal of Woodrow Wilson, Signed by Herbert Hoover, Sixth Printing, 1958

Chosen by: Caroline Bonardi, President

"Hoover’s account of Woodrow Wilson’s critical presidential years remains the only instance of a U.S. president writing a book about another president. Focusing specifically on the years 1915 through 1921, Hoover describes the trials, tribulations, and efforts of Wilson during wartime. Hoover served as the head of the U.S. Food Administration and as unofficial advisor to Wilson during his time, and provides a unique perspective on Wilson’s presidency based on those interactions."



Vintage President Dwight D. Eisenhower Wedgewood Bust, 1970

Chosen by: Eddie Papczun, Founder & Managing Partner

“This bust depicts America’s 34th President, Dwight D. Eisenhower. The ceramic bust was produced by the famous Wedgwood potters in Staffordshire, England. The Wedgwood company invented several forms of pottery that changed the ceramics business, one being the “black basalt,” which was used to produce this bust. This style was designed to emulate the Etruscan pottery found in archaeological digs, with a dark color to accentuate meticulous details.”


The Presidential Cook Book: Adapted from the White House Cook Book, Later Reprint, 1910

Chosen by: Precious Hobson, Colorado Springs Store Manager

“The reason why I chose The Presidential Cook Book is because I personally enjoy cooking. To see different recipes that past presidents have enjoyed is really awesome. It's kind of like looking at a taste of history, to see how meals were made with the different ingredients that we may or may not use or have today. The Cook Book also shows each cut of meat from the different sections of animals. I think that this Presidential Cook Book makes a great Thanksgiving Day meal helper--there are so many hearty recipes.”

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