Must-Have Travel Accessories for the End of Summer

August 15, 2018

Must-Have Travel Accessories for the End of Summer

Above: Coronado American Bison Collection, including the weekender duffel, briefcase, and dopp kit

A Traveler's Accessories Guide

Yes, it’s true; summer is coming to an end far quicker than probably most of us had hoped. Those late nights in the oh-so-steamy heat of summer are ending soon. It may even inspire some last-minute travel plans for those who are looking for one last summer hoorah. Before you take your mid August well-deserved vacation and snap those iconic bare-legged photos by the pool, don’t forget to pack the essentials.

There’s a traveler in all of us: whether your idea of a luxury retreat is a stay-cation in your hometown, or catching a flight around the world. Even so, it always helps to be prepared. Compiled below is an easy and comprehensive guide of accessories for your next travel adventure, all available online and in-store at The Great Republic. These items could simplify your trip and get you back to enjoying the bliss of vacation.

The Perfect Passport Portfolio


CVL Passport Sleeve 


For many, a passport is like a little book of memories, captured by each border-control stamp as you pass through security. Yet sometimes, passports can be subjected to the chaos of an over packed purse—with various water bottles, sticky wrappers, you name it (and it’s in there). Check out this handy passport wallet. It reflects a sleek finish of leather without seams or stitching.   



City Map Passport Wallet


A second style of passport wallet highlights the city map of your choice in leather. It comes complete with two credit card slots and ample space to fit your passport and boarding pass. Genuine leather is laser-cut into a city plan design to remind you of home, wherever that may be.


The Ultimate Weekender Bag


Bison Weekender Duffel


Most working professionals don’t have the time to jet off to a new vacation regularly, so weekend trips are a happy compromise. This weekender duffel combines the best of both worlds: the space of a substantial duffel with the sleek finish of a designer bag. This duffel is sturdy, too. It is made with quality American Bison Leather with brass zippers and hardware, featured from the Coronado American Bison Collection. Combined are the history of the American bison and a representation of American freedom in these handcrafted bags.  

Travel with ease with a weekender bag, but also rest assured that this bag is safe if it gets tucked under the plane or shoved under a seat. Bison leather is a firm, tough leather that is more durable than cowhide. Bison hides are commonly not stretched, as it preserves a unique texture and patterning in the final product. 


A Sleek Toiletry Bag


Bison Dopp Kit


A most necessary travel accessory, the toiletry bag may end up carrying most of your essentials during the trip. If anything, the bag needs to be sturdy enough to last, and small enough to fit anywhere. This sleek bison leather bag is the best of both worlds, with a rugged finish and completed with plaid lining inside. Just like the weekender bag, this toiletry bag is American made from bison hide which produces a unique texture throughout. 

Artisans such as the Coronado Leather company go to great lengths to preserve the authenticity of the bison hide. That is why this dopp kit has a unique texture and distinct grain.


An Easy Card Holder 


 Snap Closure Card Holder


Once you reach your destination, you may want to just ditch the heavy bags and explore. You’ll reach for a lighter version of all of those extra accessories combined—the card holdercard holder will allow you to carry the essentials, such as some cash, a credit card, a hotel key, and your ID: you're all set!  


On-the-Go Cologne

Gentleman's Solid Cologne


Avoid spillage with this easy and lightweight travel cologne! We've all been there: the dreaded cologne or perfume explosion in the bag, leaving a lovely scent but far worse consequences. This unique design eliminates that issue, and is safe to fly with. These solid colognes work just like lotion, with a smooth case that keeps the scent secure. Solid colognes aren't exactly new; they were used dating back to Egyptian times, when a mix of beeswax and other natural ingredients made for a strong, solid scent. Now, travelers are rediscovering this simple alternative to spray-on colognes.

Solid colognes come in a variety of scents made from natural ingredients such as vanilla, wild rockrose, or salt water. They last just as long as a normal bottle of cologne, and can be used sparingly as they are often very concentrated. A solid cologne will slip easily into a briefcase or gym bag, and will help after a red-eye flight or long car ride.


A Fun Travel Journal

City Map Journal


Lastly, don't forget to record your adventures with a unique travel journal. This journal features a city map design of your choice, with quality leather and a brass fastener. The books are refillable, so just change out the notebook when you're done.

Take a travel journal wherever you go, whether it's halfway across the world or exploring in your own town. Try pasting in tickets, travel maps, or business cards from places along the way to create a dynamic record of the trip.


Summer is ending, so give in to your wanderlust and pack for an adventure! 




"The collection really hit the spot for classic, unique looks."

"This is a hidden gem if you are shopping for a unique gift for a man's man."

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