Will Rogers Autographed Collage

Presented is a unique collage featuring both a signature by Will Rogers and a Disney animation drawing of the famous entertainer. The postal cover is signed by Rogers in dark ink at the top left and addressed to Thomas A. Edwards. The letter is cancelled in Beverly Hills on April 25, 1930. Just above the postal cover is an animation drawing depicting Mickey Mouse and the caricatured Will Rogers for the Disney short Mickey’s Gala Premier.

Will Rogers was a respected and loved Cherokee Indian cowboy, humorist, political commentator, roper, and entertainer. Rogers was born in 1879 in the Cherokee nation of Indian Territory, near what is now Oologa. The Oklahoma cowboy became a worldwide celebrity. Behind the façade lay a complex man who, despite his lack of formal education, had a grasp on literature, modern psychology, and world politics. Equally at home with cowboys and presidents, Will engaged in the larger arena of life.

The Disney short, Mickey’s Gala Premier, was a big success and featured over 40 celebrities of the 1930s. Released on July 1, 1933, the clip poked fun at the Hollywood lifestyle as Mickey Mouse’s feature film was released and the most famous names in Hollywood attended the viewing. At the end, Will Rogers makes an appearance, pulling Mickey onto the stage with his characteristic lasso to be congratulated. The drawing here shows the two characters just after Rogers has released the lasso. Adored even by Disney studios, Will Rogers remains one of the most beloved entertainers in American history.


Overall very good condition. The animation drawing is done with graphite on animation paper. There is one small area with red coloring on Rogers’ jacket that is likely inherent to the illustration. Otherwise, the drawing has no notable damage. The signature on the postal cover is in clear, dark ink. Some creasing as expected from use and minor smudging from the stamp, but otherwise, the envelope is clean and bright. 

Framed dimensions: 26"H x 18"W x 1.5"D

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