"We depend on them- They depend on us. Save through the Post Office Savings Bank" Vintage WWII Poster, 1942

Presented is a vintage British WWII propaganda poster, encouraging its citizens to “Save through the Post Office Savings Bank”. The poster is colored in a vibrant dark blue background, with an inset circular image at center. Inside the circle is a depiction of two Royal Navy men on a deck of a boat, watching a nearby battlecruiser. The poster text reads, “We depend on them- They depend on us” in white script. At bottom center, the poster urges viewers to “SAVE through the POST OFFICE SAVINGS BANK” in dramatic red, white, and blue letters. 

The British National Savings Movement was initially started in 1916, in the middle of World War I. Available to all British people, it was created with the immediate intention of raising money to help finance the war effort. These saving stamps, certificates, and bonds typically offered a low level of return but the safety of a government guarantee. The movement continued in the interwar period, in effort to rebuild the British economy after the war.

During World War II, the movement once again was vital in raising funds to help with the war. The War Office reorganized the Regional Savings Committees and launched the War Savings Campaign. Savings groups were set up by volunteers in work places, schools, and local clubs. British citizens could buy a savings stamp for as little as sixpence or for as much as two shillings and sixpence. Once they accumulated a total of 15 shillings worth in stamps, they could exchange them for a National Savings Certificate. If they had £5 worth of stamps, they could get a Defence Bond. 

The Post Office Savings Bank produced dozens of propaganda posters to encourage saving. This “Save through the Post Office Savings Bank” poster is one of the best examples. 


Good condition overall. Strong colors. Light toning to outer margins. Creases and fold lines from past storage. "P.B. 42" is printed at the bottom right margin. Sold unframed, as-is. Unframed Dimensions: 30" H x 20" W.

Accompanied by our company's letter of authenticity.

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