Leather Golf Log

Exclusive to The Great Republic, this Leather Golf Log allows you to capture the meaningful details of each unique golfing experience. With it, you can record where you played and who you played with, the weather you played in, course difficulty, and most importantly, your score for each hole. A more detailed round summary at the end of each entry helps you evaluate your game, least and favorite holes, and your round highlights. Small enough to fit in your pocket or golf bag, this Golf Log can go with you anywhere– always on hand to help you to capture and encourage more golfing outings.

We teamed up with two great American brands to create these handsome leather golf logs- the leather makers of Tactile Craftworks and the Letterfolk design company. The leather covers are crafted by Tactile Craftworks from quality US leather, custom tanned by Seidel Tanning, etched with our Great Republic eagle logo on the bottom right corner, and finished by hand in their Milwaukee studio. They are then filled with golf logs from Letterfolk, a New York-based design company. The logs are printed on acid-free 60lb paper with center-sewn binding. Each one of our Leather Golf Logs contains an insert of twenty blank entries, ready for you to use on the course. 

Dimensions: 6 1/4"H x 4"W x 1/2"D

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