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Committee of Five Pen Limited Edition Fountain Pen

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Eagle Pen Company designed this limited edition Committee of Five fountain pen as a tribute to the creation of one of our Nation’s foundational documents, the Declaration of Independence. Part of a limited edition of 13 pens, the Committee of Five fountain pen features a cap with a miniature painting by Lynn Peterson and a wooden pen body, hewn from a Chestnut beam original to the 1735 construction of Independence Hall.

Lynn Peterson is an accomplished miniaturist painter. She works for upwards of eight hours on each cap painting, individually signing each numbered masterpiece. For this pen, Peterson was inspired by the Committee of Five. The painting depicts Roger Sherman, John Adams, Robert Livingston, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson drafting the Declaration ahead of its presentation to the Second Continental Congress. The cap is further adorned with 24k gold painted accents. 

Based on her original sketches and color palette, Eagle Pen Company crafted a wooden pen body hewn from a Chestnut beam original to the 1735 construction of Independence Hall, where, most notably, our Declaration of Independence was signed. Built in 1732, Independence Hall is American historical and political hallowed ground. It is within this very building that our Declaration of Independence (1776) and US Constitution (1787) were signed. Notably, it was also within these walls where the Second Continental Congress met, the Liberty Bell was kept, and President Taft formed the League to Enforce Peace, the roots of the United Nations. The wooden beam, original to the construction, was removed during an 1897 renovation to the historic building. The wooden artifact was documented and sworn to by Samuel S. Reeves, Superintendent of Independence Hall from 1892-1908. The entire pen is sealed with a glassy lacquer, protecting the artwork and wood for generations to come.

Pen Specifications: 

This pen comes as a fountain pen with a complimentary rollerball writing kit. Ink for both fountain pen and rollerball are included. Pen is constructed of solid, surgical-grade stainless steel. 18k gold nib. Wood body, with a hand-painted cap.  Pen is sealed in clear lacquer.

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Committee of Five Pen Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Committee of Five Pen Limited Edition Fountain Pen


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