Antique Belgian WWI Medal and Enamel Cross on a Faceted Labradorite Necklace

This antique Belgian WWI medal has been fashioned into a necklace by vintage jewelry designers, Intellectual Property. The medal is engraved “A La France. La Belgique Reconnaissante 1914-1918.” This translates to "To France, From a Grateful Belgium 1914-1918." It honors the Belgian partnership with France during WWI.  The other side of the medal depicts allegorical figures, representing both Belgium and France. Crowned Belgium receives a palm offered to it by France, while a Belgian lion sits between the two figures. The French figure wears a Phrygian cap and holds a fasces. The medal is stacked with a vintage cross, enameled in black and white. It is presented on a 16.5 inch strand of faceted labradorite with a sterling silver toggle. 

Searching the braderies and antique shops throughout Europe, the founders of Intellectual Property, Mary and Hallie, specialize in finding unique antique medals and transforming them into one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. Their designs highlight the legacy and integrity of the original pieces, artfully bringing the past into the present.

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