"Moonwalkers" Limited Edition Lithograph by Ron Lewis, Numbered 433/1000, Signed by Eleven Moonwalkers

Presented is a much sought-after, limited edition lithograph entitled Moonwalkers by Ron Lewis. This piece of space history contains the original signatures of eleven of the twelve American astronauts who stepped onto the Moon's surface. Signed in felt tip blue ink by their portraits are the original autographs of Buzz Aldrin, Alan Bean, Charles Conrad, Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell, Jim Irwin, Dave Scott, Charlie Duke, John Young, Gene Cernan, and Harrison Schmitt. Issued in an edition of only 1000 prints, this lithograph is numbered 433/1000. 

Lewis's artwork is derived from each astronaut's white space suit NASA portrait and includes a small vignette of the astronaut performing a task on the moon, all against a lunar surface background. The Apollo astronauts fulfilled President John F. Kennedy's promise to the world that we would put a man on the Moon before the decade's end. On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 fulfilled that promise. NASA sent six more manned missions to the Moon to explore, learn, and study Earth’s natural satellite.

This lithograph was printed in 1986 and then sent to the astronauts for their autographs. The late Jim Irwin was the first to sign and 10 other moonwalkers have added their autographs over the years. Neil Armstrong is the only moonwalker that did not sign this, but all 6 lunar landings are represented. The color lithograph is printed on heavyweight, acid-free paper. Each is numbered and signed in the lower right corner by the artist. This is a desirable, very difficult-to-obtain collection of signatures, presented on a single oversized print.


Very good condition. Color lithograph, printed on heavyweight, acid-free paper. Numbered 433/1000 and signed by the artist in the lower right. Eleven original moonwalker signatures, each in felt-tipped blue ink. Signatures are legible and without smears or fading. Lithograph measures 25" H x 31"W. 

Lithograph has been archivally framed with acid-free matting, a custom-built black wooden frame, and UV Plexiglas. Framed Dimensions: 33 3/4" H x 39 1/4" W x 3/4" D.

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