"Lions Head / Pictures Showing Today" Cinematic Poster, Circa 1911

This is a beautiful, original advertisement poster for Lions Head Pictures. The poster dates to circa 1911. The poster was designed by an unknown artist.

The poster depicts Britannia, a female depiction of the British Isles. Here she is illustrated as a warrior wearing a Roman-style helmet and traditional dress. She appears holding a trident spear and a shield with the British Jack painted on the outside. The figures stands next to a mature lion, hunched at the ready. There are also faint depictions of early 20th century war ships seen in the background.

An image first used in classical antiquity, the Latin Britannia was the name variously applied to the British Isles, Great Britain, and the Roman province of Britain during the Roman Empire. Appearing on Roman coins of the 2nd century AD, Britannia was typically depicted reclining or seated with spear and shield.

After centuries of declining use, the Latin form was revived during the English Renaissance as a rhetorical evocation of a British national identity. Especially following the Acts of Union in 1707, which joined the Kingdoms of England and Scotland, the personification of the martial Britannia was used as an emblem of British maritime power and unity, most notably in the patriotic song "Rule, Britannia!." On coins issued by Charles II of England, Scotland, and Ireland, Britannia appears with her shield bearing the Union Flag. To symbolise the Royal Navy's victories, Britannia's spear became the characteristic trident in 1797, and a helmet was added to the coinage in 1825. 

A British cultural icon, she was featured on all modern British coinage series until the redesign in 2008, and still appears annually on the gold and silver "Britannia" bullion coin series.


Poster is in very good condition. Paper is healthy, save minor repaired tears to margins, tape stains in margins. Poster size without frame measures 28 1/2" H x 18 3/4" W.

Poster is framed according to the highest conservation and archival standards. Framed Dimensions: 32 3/4" H x 23" W x 1" D. 

Accompanied by our company's letter of authenticity.

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