1807 "Carte des Provinces Sept'les des Etats-Unis," by J. N. Buache

Presented is an antique engraved map of the the northeastern United States. The map is titled “Carte des Provinces Sept'les des États-Unis.” The map was designed by J. N. Buache and although undated on the map, it was published in the 1807 French edition of The Life of George Washington

The map is labeled partly in French, including some major state and city names, like “Pensilvanie” and “Philadelphie.” Counties are named as "Province," like “ Province de Northumberland” and “Prov'ce de Northampton” and “P'ce de Middlesex.” It also uses the Paris meridian for longitude.

Although published in 1807, the borders depict the the United States in 1792, at the time of George Washington's second inauguration. The state’s borders are delineated and emphasized with hand colored borders. Other map details include county and town names, mountain ranges, rivers, and a scale of miles.  Native American villages and fortifications can be found closer to the western borders. Other items of interest include local industries, an outlined District of Columbia, and Iroquois land in western New York. There is little detail in Canada. 

This finely engraved map of the northern provinces of the United States shows an interesting overview of the fledgling American Republic, in the decades following independence.  


Good condition. Engraved map. Plate mark visible. Hand colored borders and details. Full top and bottom margins, uneven skinny margin at left. Paper is healthy and bright with no stains. Sold unframed, as-is.  

Dimensions: 12 1/2" H x 19 3/4" W (image).

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