1835 "The United States from the Latest Authorities" Hanging Wall Map by Ezra Strong

This is a 1835 map of “The United States from the Latest Authorities” by Ezra Strong. A hand-colored engraved wall map of the eastern half of the United States, this map has a large inset of the "Oregon District," several engraved city views, and two portraits. 

The primary map extends to Mexico, Texas, and the Missouri Territory, showing the course of the Missouri River to Ft. Mandan and Old Ft. Mandan noting many forts along the river. The territories to the east of Missouri Territory are separately delineated as Sioux District and Huron District. The western details of the map are very good for a map of this time period, with many Native American settlements, villages, forts and other details noted. 

The map is bordered with vignettes of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Hartford, Cincinnati, and Baltimore. Each vignette notes the date settled, primary settler, and the population as of 1830.  Two portraits of LaFayette and George Washington are presented in full length with related biographical information.

A large inset map at lower right shows the Oregon District, centered on the Columbia River and extending to the Rocky Mountains. This is one of the earliest commercial appearances of a separate map of Oregon District in any publication. A smaller inset shows South Florida. A table at right shows comparative river lengths; a table at left presents population statistics. 

Ezra Strong was a regarded book publisher, yet this wall map and one of other map of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan are the only two recorded examples of his maps. Both are exceptionally rare. 


Map presented on early wooden rollers, backed on modern canvas. Map has various restorations but presents nicely. Published by Ezra Strong, Hartford, CT, 1835. Map Dimensions: 25 ½” H x 35 ½” W. 

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