Inside the Space Ships, Signed by George Asamski, First Edition, Third Printing, 1955

Adamski, George. Inside the Space Ships. New York: Abelard-Schuman, 1955. Signed first edition, third printing. Original dust jacket. Housed in custom slipcase.

Are we alone in the universe? This timeless question is addressed by George Adamski in his book, Inside the Space Ships. Offered is a first edition, third printing of his novel signed on the first free endpage. The book retains its original dust jacket from the 1955 publisher, Abelard-Schuman, and is now housed in a custom archival slipcase.

George Adamski became a popular figure after he claimed to have encountered extraterrestrial beings in the 1950s. He was one of the first people during that time to come forward and claim contact with aliens. They would later be called “contactees.” Adamski was a Polish-born American who founded the Royal Order of Tibet in California. This Royal Order of Tibet, led by Adamski, relied on psychic channelling of ‘Tibetan masters’ to teach his members. However, in the 1950s Adamski pivoted his focus and claimed to have photographed alien spaceships and wrote his first book on the subject, Flying Saucers Have Landed

Offered here, is his second book recounting his interactions with extraterrestrials. Inside The Space Ships details the brief trip Adamski took with his alien acquaintances after his initial encounter. Adamski reportedly was contacted by “Venusians,” “Martians,” and “Saturnians” who voiced their concerns about Earth as they escorted Adamski onto their large spaceship. The author claims to have sixteen photographs of the event which he released for the first time in this book. Both books were wildly popular and encouraged others to make claims about their own experiences with aliens. Whether or not one believes Adamski’s claim, his story was widely known and produced a wave of extraterrestrial enthusiasts that survives today, leaving a lasting impact.


Overall very good condition. This signed first edition, third printing is in its original decorative dust jacket. The dust jacket has some shelf wear, as expected, but is otherwise free of damage. Adamski’s signature on the first free endpage is clearly written in dark ink. Internally, the pages are clean and bright. This book is now housed in a custom built archival slipcase with an inlaid photo of a UFO. 

Dimensions: 9 ¾” H x 7 ¾” W x 2” D

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