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Article: Antiques Sold in Spring, 2024

Antiques Sold in Spring, 2024

Over the last few months we have had to say goodbye to so many fascinating pieces around the store, so we've compiled a collection of some of our favorite finds! Featured below are those that were toughest to see go, along with some additional information on each piece. 



The Federalist, on the New Constitution by Publius, Rare 1802 Second Edition in Two Volumes

One of the shop’s favorite items to present, this two volume set of the historic Federalist Papers has now departed from our collection. Printed in 1802, during Alexander Hamilton’s lifetime, this collection of essays is one of the most foundational documents to our Nation’s government. Featuring the presumably original tree-calf leather bindings and a touch-up from our bookbinder, they were unbelievably beautiful books that will continue to be missed.


1818 "Declaration of Independence" Broadside Engraving by Benjamin Owen Tyler

Created in the wake of the War of 1812, this 1818 engraving of the Declaration of Independence is arguably one of the most ornate pieces we have had. Paired with a stunning shadowbox frame, this engraving displays the first facsimile representation of the signatures on the Declaration. Roughly 1,700 copies were made of this engraving, and were promptly disseminated across the country to eager revolutionary patriots. It is always such a treat to see early printings of our Nation’s founding documents, and this has left a mark on everyone who has laid eyes on it.



34-Star Civil War Kansas Flag Great Star “Flower” Pattern, Circa 1861

Absolutely one of the most fascinating star cantons that we have seen come through the shop, this 34-star flag dates back to 1861 during the beginning of the Civil War and the admission of Kansas’ statehood. Appearing war-torn and tattered, this flag provides an accurate visual for the state of the Union during the period of civil unrest known as the “Bleeding Kansas Period”. As it was one of the oldest flags we currently have in the shop, it will be sorely missed.




George Washinton and Thomas Jefferson Signature Collages
$32,500 and $18,500 respectively
A fan favorite for anyone who stops by the store, our George Washington signature has now found a home. Luckily, our Thomas Jefferson signature collage went with him as well! Acquired from the same collection of signatures, these autographs were originally cut-and-pasted by and early signature collector out of Baltimore. The Washington signature is paired with an incredible oil chromolithograph, using atypical oil paints to create  the print. The Jefferson piece includes an original, signed engraving by the prolific Jacques Reich.



The Spy Who Loved Me by Ian Fleming, First Edition in Original Dust Jacket, 1962

Off to a new collector, this First Edition of the Spy Who Loved Me by Ian Fleming made a splash in the shop. This novel provided a different perspective than the previous Bond books, as it is written from the perspective of a woman rather than Bond himself. The novel was accompanied by its original dust jacket with a fabulous matching clamshell, sure to make a fantastic display piece in its new home.

36-Star Printed American Flag, Rare Haloed Star Medallion, Circa 1865

Another incredibly unique canton, this 36-star flag represents the entry of Nevada into the Union. It featured a satisfyingly symmetrical pattern of two medallions around a haloed great star, with flanking stars in each corner. Created during the tail end of the Civil War, this flag also provides a visual for the tattered (yet still united) state of the Union.

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, First Edition, First Impression in Original Dust Jacket, 1951

An absolute showstopper in our libraries, the first edition Catcher in the Rye is a frequently sought after volume. Displayed in the original dust jacket featuring the iconic cover with a portrait of J.D. Salinger on the back, everyone who caught a glimpse of the novel had something to say about it. Whether or not you might have remembered it fondly, this novel will forever live on in the ranks of great American literature.

Animal Farm by George Orwell, First US Edition, in Original Dust Jacket, 1946

A tiny book that packs a punch! This first U.S. edition Animal Farm is the first Orwell book we have had in a little while, and caught the attention of many. Presented in its original dust jacket with a custom matching clamshell case, it did not last long on our shelves.

1847 “World at One View” Hand-Colored Wall Map by Ensign & Thayer

This 1847 world map was the last of its kind in our inventory, featuring the state of the world during the mid-19th-Century. Riddled with facts about waterways and population statistics, it is safe to assume that this map was published with the intent of educating its viewers. It subtly predicts that the United States will emerge as a superpower in the world, featuring comparisons to European monuments and an Indigenous person standing triumphant over the two hemispheres. One of the most intriguing details is the portraits of women in their traditional ethnic dress.

"The Emigrants" Frederic Remington Chromolithograph, Circa 1910


Titled “The Emigrants”, this Frederic Remington print displays a westward-bound wagon train under siege by the local Indigenous peoples. The animals within the image highlight Remington’s love of anatomically correct depictions, as evidenced by the intense detail among the horse’s musculature. Despite the vast majority of Remington’s works being illustrations, he is mainly known for his small body of sculptural works.



1960 "Danny Arnold's Pictorial Map of the Old West"

While this map only lasted all of two days in the shop, it sure made an impact! Although it was created in 1960, this map depicts key trails and events from the iconic era of the Old Wild West. Fully illustrated with miniature portraits of key figures adorning its border and small characters appearing throughout the trails, this pictorial map is a captivatingly kitschy piece.


If you are interested in acquiring a piece similar to any of our recently sold items, reach out to us with an inquiry today! 

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