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March 31, 2021

Sports Memorabilia

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The Babe Ruth Story by Babe Ruth and Bob Considine, Signed and Inscribed, First Edition, 1948

This book is signed and inscribed by Ruth on the half title page reading, “To the greatest couple in the world May + Peter from Babe Ruth.”

George Herman Ruth, nicknamed “Babe” Ruth, was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1936. He is considered one of the greatest hitters in the sport’s history. A young talent, Ruth was immediately recruited out of high school to the Baltimore Orioles. He joined the big leagues with the Red Sox as a lefty hurler only to be sold shortly afterwards to the Yankees in 1920 as an outfielder. Ruth led the Yankees team to win seven American League Pennants and four World Series Titles.


Walter Johnson Signature Collage

Offered is a collage featuring a typed letter signed by baseball’s Walter Johnson, a reproduction scorecard from the 1924 World Series, and a photo of Johnson in his uniform. All elements are framed and matted together in a custom-built frame.

Walter Perry Johnson (1887-1946), known in baseball as "Barney" or "The Big Train", played 20 seasons with the Washington Senators. He then became manager of the Senators for three years, later moving onto the Cleveland Indians for two. Walter Johnson was one of the original "Immortal Five", the original inductees to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1936. An impressive and accomplished athlete, he established numerous pitching records, some which still hold today.


Green Bay Packers Collage

This is a Vince Lombardi signed check, signed during the 1960 NFL season, paired with a rare black and white photo of Vince Lombardi and the Green Bay Packers legends Bart Starr, Jim Taylor, Paul Hornug, and Boyd Dowler. 
The partly-printed check is signed "Vincent Lombardi" as General Manager and "Dominic Olejniczak" as President of Green Bay Packers, Inc. The check is stamped Green Bay, Wisconsin, October 15, 1960. The check is drawn on the Packers' account at the Kellogg-Citizens National Bank, Green Bay, and is payable to Earl Falek for $170.88.
Vince Lombardi signed this check when the Packers were 2-1, on their way to an 8-4 record. Lombardi led the Packers to their first NFL Championship Game in 16 years. Dominic Olejniczak (1908 -1989) was Mayor of Green Bay (1945-1955) and President of the Green Bay Packers (1958-1982). 

This first edition of The Walter Hagen Story is the 1956 autobiography of Walter “The Haig” Hagen. Published by Simon and Schuster in New York, the book has the original boards and dust jacket designed by Guy Fraumeni. The book also features an inscription and signature on the first free endpage that reads, “Golfingly Walter Hagen.”

This autobiography follows Walter Hagen’s career as a golfer featuring 50 black and white photographs and cartoons. Known for raising the social standard of professional golfers, Walter Hagen is one of the most celebrated golfers of the early 20th century. Throughout his career, Hagen won eleven major golf championships eventually surpassed only by Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. Hagen was generally considered one of the best match players in the sport and was noted to always have a good attitude, even when playing poorly.


1971 "Le Mans" Movie Poster Starring Steve McQueen

Presented is an original movie poster from 1971 for the popular Steve McQueen movie Le Mans. This color lithograph was produced in the United States by Cinema Center Films through the National Screen Service Corporation.

Le Mans stars actor Steve McQueen and was directed by Lee H. Katzin. The film is based on the 24 Hours of Le Mans race, which took place in the summer of 1970. The film, while primarily fiction, features actual footage from the 1970 Le Mans race.


The Roar of the Crowd, Signed and Inscribed by James J. Corbett, 1926

This early printing of James J. Corbett’s the Roar of the Crowd: the Rise and Fall of a Champion is a delightfully written autobiography of the famous boxer’s career. Colloquially written, the book begins with Corbett’s first fight as a child and ends with the aftermath of his last fight. Two separate inscriptions are pasted on the book’s first end pages. The first reads, “Sincerely, Jas J. Corbett April 25/28.” while the second reads, “To my dear friend Judge Corbett with warmest regards, Jas J. Corbett April 25/28.”

James J. Corbett is considered the father of modern boxing. “Gentleman Jim,” as he was known throughout his career, grew up boxing in a time when the sport was illegal in many jurisdictions even though it had a major role in social life. Understanding that the fight began far before the first bell rang, Corbett was the first to effectively use scientific boxing. He studied his opponent’s techniques and would enter the ring with a strategy bringing a newfound sense of class and study to what many through was a beastly sport. Making use of his psychological edge, the boxer quickly gained popularity and eventually won the Heavyweight title in 1892 after defeating John L. Sullivan. Corbett retained his title until 1897 when he was defeated by Bob Fitzsimmons.


Tom Landry: An Autobiography, Signed and Inscribed by Tom Landry, First Edition, 1990

Presented is a first edition printing of Tom Landry: An Autobiography, signed and inscribed by the Dallas cowboy’s coach on the first free endpage. Co-published in 1990 by Zodervan Publishing and HarperCollins Publishers, this book detail’s Landry’s long and storied coaching career with the Dallas Cowboys. From his all-American boyhood in Mission, Texas, through his career as the stoic coach of the Dallas Cowboys to his final coaching hours, this book is Landry's personal account of his coaching philosophy, core values, and his faith.

Landry was selected as the head coach for the Dallas Cowboys in 1960. The Cowboys were in their first National Football League. He coached in the team for 29 seasons. “Landry’s teams had 20 straight winning seasons, 13 divisional championships, five NFC titles and victories in Super Bowls VI and XII… Landry gained a reputation as a great technical innovator as well as an inspirational leader” (Pro Football Hall of Fame). He compiled a 270–178–6 record, the fourth-most wins all-time for an NFL coach, and his 20 career playoff victories are the second most of any coach in NFL history.

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