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Article: Shopping a Community of Makers: Tactile Craftworks

American made

Shopping a Community of Makers: Tactile Craftworks

We at The Great Republic take pride in celebrating American craftsmanship and supporting the community of American makers, designers, artists, and creators represented in our shop.  From our leather makers to letterpress designers, jewelry crafters to cutlers, pen makers and horologists, by shopping with The Great Republic you are helping over 30 small businesses thrive. 

One of the small businesses and creative experts that make The Great Republic such a special place to shop is Tactile Craftworks. 

Tactile Craftworks Owners Sarah Heck and Anna Warren


Tactile Craftworks is a woman-owned and operated leather crafting company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Founded in 2014 by Sarah Heck and Anna Warren, the two artists began collaborating on hand-crafted projects after meeting in a theater prop shop. They built out a small line of leather goods and sold their goods at local shops and fairs. Today, Tactile Craftworks now partners with over 200 retailers nationwide, and yet still continues to craft each piece by hand.

Yellowstone National Park Journal

“Our work is most inspired by the idea of place, and our emotional responses to both home and travel. We take pride in our methods of using modern technologies to enhance our traditional skills. We value quality, heritage, history, and longevity; working to decrease the disposable and give story to the ordinary. We strive to make pieces that are durable to use, beautiful to look at, and satisfying to hold.”

Washington DC City Map Passport Wallet

We are lucky to carry their beautiful city map leather journals and passport wallets in our Colorado shop. We worked directly with Anna and Sarah to design our exclusive Washington DC Map Journals and Passport Wallets, using an antique map of Washington as our inspiration. We also collaborated to create our Apollo 11 Moon Landing Leather Journal for the 50 year anniversary of the moon landing and our Space Force Leather Journal when the new military branch was announced. 

We invite you to check out and shop all of the Tactile Craftworks products at The Great Republic and help support this fantastic woman-owned leather business.

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