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Article: Committed to their Craft: Clayton & Crume

Committed to their Craft: Clayton & Crume

Raised in the heart of bourbon country, the founders of leather brand Clayton & Crume, Clay and Tyler, were taught to value honest, hard work and take pride in creating something with their own two hands. The two met in college, where they began their creative journey with the simple idea that, “like Grandpa’s luggage and dad’s time-tested belt, all leather goods should last a lifetime.” Although their company has grown since their college days, all of Clayton & Crume’s leather products are still designed and handcrafted in their own Louisville, KY workshop.

We started working with Clayton & Crume in the summer of 2019, collaborating on a line of custom leather coasters for the Great Republic. Pulling inspiration from historic and treasured symbols of America’s past, like Benjamin Franklin’s “Don’t Tread On Me” Rattlesnake and George Washington’s 1789 inaugural button, together we created eight different coaster designs. Clayton & Crume crafted us coasters made from thick, premium Horween full-grain leather. 

Handcrafted Leather Coasters at The Great Republic

Three years later, our custom coaster sets are still one of our best selling Great Republic products.  That’s why we are so excited to expand our leather offerings with more of the Clayton & Crume line at our Broadmoor shop location, with a handsome Messenger Bag, Dopp Kitt, and versatile leather Valet. 

Leather Messenger Bag at The Great Republic

The Messenger Bag is a staple piece in the Clayton & Crume lineup. Hand-cut and crafted by their most skilled artisans, this bag will be an heirloom you'll be proud to pass down. Offered in a rich Woodland Brown, the Messenger Bag holds a textured quality and feel. The sleek and subtle Horween Chromexcel shell has a designated laptop pocket and a heavy duty zipper.

Leather Messenger Bag Zipper Hardware Detail

Designed with a discerning eye, you won’t find any weird hinges, hard corners, or unnecessary pockets in this bag. Just premium, full-grain leather, robust stitching, and solid brass hardware for a lifetime of service, guaranteed. 

Leather Dopp Kits at The Great Republic

Also new to The Great Republic is their handmade men's leather Dopp Kit. Their Dopp Kitt is built to stand the test of time, like the one grandpa used for decades. Perfectly sized to fit all your travel accessories, you'll be surprised how much it can hold. Like all Clayton & Crume products, the Dopp Kit is made of premium Horween full-grain leather, sturdy stitching, and a solid brass zipper. 

Leather Valet at The Great Republic

The last, new-in item is our signature Eagle Leather Valet. Functioning as a handsome catch-all tray, the Valet is the perfect resting place for everything in your daily after-work pocket purge. It is stamped with our Great Republic eagle logo, a nod to the Great Seal of the United States. We love how great it looks in the entryway, living room, and home office. You can also unsnap the corners and it becomes the most helpful, lay-flat travel accessory. Never misplace your keys or wallet in a hotel room again! 

Eagle Leather Valet

Just like our small company of six, everyone on the Clayton & Crume team serves a dual purpose. In addition to graphic designers, production managers, and wholesale directors, their staff are also makers. That means that everyone has a hand in what is produced and cares about the quality of products they make. It is their mission to create leather goods that, like a barrel of good Kentucky bourbon, only get better with time.

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