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Article: A Look at Solid Colognes

A Look at Solid Colognes

Ever hear of a solid cologne? It's the newest innovation in perfumery and we are loving it. Take a look into the company Fulton & Roark with us today and discover the innovation of solid cologne.

What is Solid Cologne?

Solid cologne is a new revolution. No more spilled cologne bottles or throwing away expensive perfumes at the airport. Solid cologne will solve your problems.

In an effort to make life that much easier, solid colognes combine all your favorite scents in a simple, easy to use solid bar. Hidden inside its metal container, the solid cologne is a concentrated substance that slightly resembles a denser form of lotion. With one simple swipe, you have a concentrated and intense perfume to apply on the neck, wrists-- anywhere you want!

While the solid cologne is often quite a small little guy, it is very concentrated with natural ingredients. This way, that small case can hold as much fragrance as you'd get in a liquid bottle of cologne with a lot less of the mess and hassle. 

Take a look at the container that the cologne comes in, below. It's small and sleek, so it fits perfectly in a gym bag or pocket. Never rustle with bulky cologne bottles in the bathroom before a date again!

So How Does It Work?

Solid colognes are made of concentrated ingredients that form a wax. The wax is then stored in the case for easy use. To apply, simply swipe a finger along the wax and apply as you normally would any other cologne.

The solid cologne can be used as often as you'd like. Many people love it for travel, as it is light weight and TSA/airplane safe! Some use it instead of their bottled colognes for everyday use or special occasions, depending on the scent.

A Look at Fulton & Roark

Fulton & Roark are a United States based company that specialize in unique and carefully crafted fragrances and grooming products. They create a great line of solid colognes, among other things, and offer scents using natural ingredients. Their colognes are timeless, easy to wear, and great for all occasions.

Since 2013, their award-winning solid colognes have given customers a sense of personal style and atmosphere that travels anywhere they do. Their ideal fragrances are long-lasting, rich scents that are easily accessible. Their wide array of choices are available in both of our two permanent locations and online!

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