Your Red Cross Needs You! Vintage Uncle Sam WWII Poster by James Montgomery Flagg, Circa 1942

This is a World War II Red Cross patriotic poster that reads "Your Red Cross Needs You!" The poster features a Red Cross nurse beckoning with outstretched arms, as the figure of Uncle Sam rests a hand on her shoulder from behind. The two figures speak to the way the citizens of America can support the ongoing efforts of the Red Cross, through their financial contributions, volunteering, and patriotically serving their nation.

This image was designed by the famed poster artist, James Montgomery Flagg (1877-1960). Flagg was a prodigious illustrator, working as a contributing artist to "Life" magazine at the surprisingly young age of 14. He is most famous, however, for creating the first and standard image of the fictional Uncle Sam figure (the famous "I want YOU" poster.) It is storied that he used his own image as the model for Uncle Sam, imagining himself as a much older man and with facial hair.

This poster is in excellent condition. The vividness of the red, white, and blue colors are striking and incredibly well preserved. This is a fantastic work of art and piece of history.

Unframed Size: 20"x 13".

Framed Size: 21 3/4" 14 3/4" x 1 1/2D

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