YMCA "His Home Over There" WWI Patriotic Poster, Circa 1918

Published in 1918, this WWI poster was designed by Albert Herter, an American painter, interior designer, and businessman. Created for the YMCA, the poster features their men’s and women’s logo on either side of the motto “His Home Over There.” Below is a scene of weary soldiers coming from the dark woods and deep snow towards the warm, welcoming cabin provided by the YMCA. The very bottom of the poster reads, “More than 2000 Such Homes for Our Boys / United War Work Campaign, November 11th - 18th.”

The United War Work Campaign was a fundraising effort hosted by seven different organizations to raise support for the U.S. troops fighting abroad in WWI. The YMCA’s National War Work Council and the YWCA’s War Work Council were two of the seven organizations combining their efforts to raise $170,500,000 between November 11 and November 18, 1918 to provide comfort and recreational activities to soldiers in order to boost morale.

The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) was originally established in London during 1844. Beginning as a young men’s Christian bible study group, the organization quickly established itself as a philanthropic organization. In 1851, Thomas Valentine Sullivan created the first American branch. As a sea captain and Christian missionary, Sullivan was determined to give young men a “home away from home,” which soon became a slogan used by the organization and seen here on the 1918 poster. Supporting not just Christian soldiers, but all servicemen, the group appealed to the public to erect large wooden structures to provide a comforting area for recreational areas, rest, and food. Working across borders with other branches and staffed by volunteers, the YMCA built hundreds of these support structures throughout France between 1914 and 1918.


Overall very good condition. Three corners have some loss and there is one repaired tear at the bottom center of the poster. Some wear overall, as expected with age and use. Otherwise, the poster is in very good condition, the colors are vibrant, and all text is legible. This poster is unframed and measures 27" x 42".

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