WWII Double Fighter Cockpit Gauges

Presented are a set of two vintage WWII fighter plane cockpit instrument gauges. The gauges, which indicate oil temperature, were essential for maintaining control of the plane and managing engine performance during missions.

The oil temperature gauge helps the pilot track the temperature of the oil on the fighter plane. The temperature of the oil affects its viscosity and therefore flow rate and usefulness in lubricating the engine.  An overheated engine oil could burst into flames while oil at low temperatures will turn sluggish.

The United States manufactured about 300,000 aircraft just prior to and during World War II. Included in this number were large quantities of fighter and attack aircraft, from many aircraft manufacturers like Boeing, Stedbaker, and Lockheed. Many factories were retooled to produce aircraft and their components, and a considerable effort was made by the entire country to produce supplies for the war. Popular fighter planes used by the Army Air Corps and U.S. Navy were the P-38, P-40, P-47, F4U, F6F, SBD, TBM, P-61 and PVI.

Fighter planes were used for air combat, so they were the fastest and easiest to maneuver. They were also used in tandem with bombers to shoot down enemy bomber planes. While the main goal of a fighter plane was to shoot down other airplanes, fighter planes could use its weapons to do a lot of damage on the ground as well. While some of them carried a small number of bombs, the primary offensive weapon of a fighter plane during WWII was the machine gun.


Good condition. Presented on a new, custom-built black metal stand. Some cloudiness to the gauges' glass fronts. Surface scuffs and ink on both front and back, from past use. The gauges have metal labels on the back, with serial numbers and manufacturer’s information.

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