WWI Wound Certificate, Awarded to Pvt. George R. Parker, Circa 1919

Presented is an original WWI Wound Chevron Certificate, presented to Private George R. Parker, who was wounded in action. The certificate features a prominent illustration of Columbia standing in front of a billowing American flag. She holds a proclamation above her head while touching a sword to the shoulder of a soldier who kneels at her feet. The inscription at the top of the certificate reads: “Columbia gives to her son the accolade of the new chivalry of humanity.”  The bottom text is partially inscribed and partially printed and reads: “George R. Parker. Pvx. Hdqrs. Co. 38 Xlv Infantry. Served With Honor In The World War And Was Wounded in Action.” The certificate is concluded with a printed signature of Woodrow Wilson. 

The Presidential Wound Certificate and the Presidential Killed in Action Certificate were both created by Woodrow Wilson and were awarded to those who were wounded and killed in action in World War I. The certificate was designed in 1919 and holders of these certificates were entitled to the Purple Heart when it came out in 1932. Each certificate was named to the individual and included his unit. 

The history of the Wound Chevron is an interesting one. Beginning in 1917, the US Army began awarding the Wound Chevron to those who were wounded or killed as the result of enemy action. In 1921, President Wilson requested that artist E. H. Blashfield design an illustration for use on a certificate that would be presented to every veteran wounded in action during the recent World War. This design was later authorized for use in the official emblem of the Disabled American Veterans of the World War. 

The Wound Chevron award was discontinued when General Washington's Badge of Military Merit was revived as the Purple Heart award in 1932. President Truman signed an Executive Order on November 12, 1952 authorizing World War I recipients of the Wound Chevron to exchange their award for the Purple Heart.


Good condition overall. 1p. Partially printed and partially inscribed in a strong black ink. Inscription is ornate, yet legible, with little to no fading of ink. Paper is toned with scattered stains. Image size 21”H x 16”W. 

Framed to the highest archival standards in a custom wooden frame, UV glass, and an acid-free olive top mat. Framed Dimensions: 25 1/2" H x 21 3/4" W x 2" D.

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