"Strong in the Strength of the Lord" Vintage WWII Poster by David Stone Martin, 1942

This powerful WWII poster was published in 1942 by the Government Printing Office. The artist, David Stone Martin, designed and created the image to promote a sense of duty and patriotism in the workplace. The poster reads in bold white letters, “Strong in the strength of the Lord / we who fight in the people’s cause / will never stop until that cause is won.” Martin’s facsimile signature can be seen in the bottom right corner just above the words, “OWI Poster No. 8,” and the publishing information is at the bottom center. Triumphant against a brushed red background, three arms are shown holding tools for their jobs. On the left is a man’s arm wearing a mechanic’s glove and holding a clamp wrench, signifying male workers supporting the war cause. In the middle is a man’s arm with a tattered uniform holding a rifle representing the soldiers in the field. Finally, the woman’s arm on the far right has an embroidered sleeve and holds a curved wrench to represent the female workers also supporting the war effort from the home front.

Posters such as this were widely distributed by the U.S. government in order to appeal to a sense of patriotism, duty, and honor. They often emphasized what was needed from ordinary citizens whether it was buying war bonds, or working hard in a factory producing war goods. Even though most of the war was fought away from the U.S., the people still had a strong idea of the “home front” and doing their part to aid the soldiers fighting abroad.


Overall very good condition. The 1942 has horizontal and vertical creases from where the poster was folded but otherwise, there are no tears or discoloration and the colors are still vibrant. The poster has been artfully framed according to the highest conservation standards.

Framed Dimensions: 44" H x 31 1/2" D x 2 1/2" D

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