Half Aluminum Propeller, Circa 1940s

This is an original half aluminum propeller from the 1940's.

As a lightweight metal, aluminum has long been the metal of choice for creating airplane propellers. Among the first aviators to use aluminum in their aircraft designs were the Wright Brothers. They created a custom aluminum casing for their first aircraft engine. In the decade before World War II, revolutions in structural engineering, especially as it related to the creation of lightweight metals, led to the evolution of aircraft from wood-and-fabric to full metal. However, it was not the move to metal that led to the real revolution of aviation in the 1930’s – it was advances in airplane wing and propeller design. Taking those new designs and integrating them with new aluminum alloys led to big changes in overall aircraft efficiency and performance.

While aluminum was used throughout the early history of aircraft for other parts of the plane due to its light weight, it wasn’t until after World War II that aluminum propellers became common enough on aircraft to put into large scale production.


This propeller is in very good condition, considering age and past use. The propeller's body has several small scratches into the surface.

Measures 39" tall and 8 7/8" at widest point of blade.

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