"Women at War Buy War Bonds" Vintage WWII Bond Poster, 1942

Presented is a vintage WWII War Bonds poster, printed in 1942. In the poster, a confident woman sets out with conviction to buy war bonds, her hand over her pocketbook. The scrolling text behind her reads, “Women at War Buy War Bonds” in red and blue ink.  As the woman walks, she leaves behind the shadow of the Concord minutemen. The imagery links the service of the soldier on the battlefield to the patriotism of the consumer at home through purchasing the war bond. 

Women were often featured in U.S. war bond propaganda during World War II. With many men serving overseas, women took charge of their own finances. Posters encouraged women to contribute a portion of their pay to the war effort.

During WWII, the government received funding directly from United States citizens in the form of war saving bonds and stamps, which were paid back later with interest. Purchasing war bonds was viewed as a way for American citizens to support the war effort. Traditionally, large dollar bond amounts, ranging from $50 to $1000, were purchased for bonds. Series E Bonds were issued beginning in 1941 and transitioned to War Bonds in 1942 with America’s entry into the war. There were 8 Loan Drives from 1942-1945. This poster most likely supported the first loan drive, which lasted from November 30 through December 23, 1942.


Very good condition overall. Color lithographic poster. Color is vibrant with very little fading. Printed in the bottom right margin is  "U.S. Government Printing Office: 1942-O-489914 WSS 631-A".

Framed to the highest conservation standards with archival mats and a custom wooden frame.

Dimensions: 8" H x 19 3/4" W x 1 1/4" D

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