What Flyers Say Vintage WWII Product Poster for Studebaker, Featuring the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, Circa 1945

Presented is an original Studebaker product and propaganda poster from 1945. The poster was created as both a World War II propaganda poster and a product poster for Studebaker. The poster was designed by artist Frederic Fellandrie.

Featured in the center is a beautiful full color image of the B-17 Flying Fortress by Boeing. The Wright Cyclone Engine used for the bomber, which is a Studebaker product. The poster includes testimonial text regarding its high performance. The poster includes a small vignette highlighting Studebaker's Weasel Personnel and Cargo Carrier, which was intended to reinforce the idea to the consumer that Studebaker makes quality and durable cars as well. The poster also features a war bond notice in the lower right corner as well. This dual feature of both a product advertisement and a war bond propaganda poster was not uncommon during the WWII era, as many independent companies commissioned posters.

The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress was a four-engine heavy bomber produced in the 1930's for the United States Army Air Corps. In its first tests, the Boeing B-17 outperformed competitors and exceeded the performance specifications set by USAAC. The B-17 earned a reputation as a fast, high-flying, long-range bomber with heavy defensive armament. It became known for its toughness based upon photos of damaged B-17s that safely returned to base. In addition to its role as a bomber, the B-17 was also employed as a transport, anti submarine aircraft, drone controller, and search-and-rescue aircraft. The B-17 was also deployed in the Pacific, where it conducted raids against Japanese shipping and airfields.


This original poster is in very good condition, with no obvious tears or significant stains. The poster has been framed according to the highest conservation standards in a custom black frame.

Framed dimensions: 31.5" H x 39" W x 2" D.

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