Western Winchester Pheasant Hunting Poster by Weimar Pursell, Circa 1955

This vintage poster was made to advertise Winchester rifles by displaying game in its natural habitat, in this case a pheasant. The poster has a dramatic flying spread-wing pheasant in the foreground, with a lone hunter in the background. Both the hunter and pheasant are surrounded by a golden field of long grass. The text "Western Winchester" is displayed in bright red at bottom. This poster design was one of a series of four posters by graphic artist Weimer Pursell. The other posters in this series depicted a rabbit, a deer, and a squirrel. 

Pursell was as an illustrator for Life, Esquire, and Forbes, among others. He designed posters in Art Deco styled designs for Coca-Cola, American Airlines, Standard Oil, the Chicago World's Fair and more, although his work is extremely rare to find today.


This poster is in very good condition. Color is bright and vibrant. Paper is healthy with no tears. Printed publication and copyright information visible in bottom paper margin. This poster is conservation mounted and has been linen backed. 

Poster is framed in a custom-built wood frame. Framed dimensions: 43"H x 38"W x 1"D. 

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