1923 "Washington, The Beautiful Capital of the Nation" Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Bird's-Eye View

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This is a fabulous bird's-eye map that shows Washington D.C. in amazing detail. Every building is individually drawn, and all roads are shown and named. The view is from the Capitol and the Library of Congress looking north into rural areas of the District and Maryland. Many important buildings and monuments are named directly on the map, which is supplemented with over 70 Buildings and Places of Interest keyed below the map.

Above the map is a second title: "Baltimore and Ohio, America's First Railroad, Washington's First Railroad." Union Station, a major hub for the B.& O. Railroad, is prominently featured in the right side of the print. 

Unframed Size: 20"x 23".

Framed Dimensions: 34 3/4" H x 43 1/2" W x 2" D

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