Vintage "Pani La Shar Pawnee" Hermès Silk Pocket Square by Kermit Oliver in Red

Presented is an original "Pani La Shar Pawnee" Hermes silk pocket square by American artist Kermit Oliver. The title "Pani La Shar Pawnee" is labeled at the top in white lettering.

Kermit Oliver (born 1943) is an American painter who studied and worked in Texas, USA. Oliver primarily worked in painting, but is also celebrated for his work as a designer for Hermes. The relationship began in 1980, when owner Lawrence Marcus of Neiman Marcus introduced Oliver to the Hermes company. Oliver produced 17 custom designs for Hermes over 32 years, and is the only American artist to ever design for Hermes.

The pocket square features a rare and sought-after design featuring Pawnee Indian Chief Pani La Shar. The silk pocket square design was first issued in 1984 by Kermit Oliver at the beginning of his career as a designer for Hermes and depicts a Pawnee Indian chief. The Native American chief is rendered in a very detailed and realistic style, as was common for Oliver, as he focused his paintings on realism. Oliver’s work for Hermes stood out from that of his predecessors. The scarf was produced in a variety of colors, but this vibrant red rendition provides stark contrast between the figure and background embellishment.

As his first design for Hermes, "Pani La Shar Pawnee" highlights the southwestern style Oliver was very well known for. The composition features the Indian chief, center, with traditional attire. The chief is set against a bold red background color, with a border of various horses and native headdresses.


Very good condition overall. No significant wear or visible tears to silk. Artist's signature is visible in the bottom right corner in white lettering. Framed according to the highest conservation standards in a custom black frame.

Framed dimensions: 23" H x 22.75" W x 1.5" D.

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